Taking It Easy in Retirement

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Taking it easy is an admirable goal in every stage of life, but especially in retirement. For me, meeting my financial commitments in the simplest way possible frees my mind for other occupations. In today's environment where we don't necessarily attend church physically, let's make it easy to support our church.
There are at least two ways to automate meeting our financial support commitments to Church in the Forest:
  • Use your bank's bill-paying tool to send monthly checks to the church.
  • And, then here is an even easier way.   Set up a monthly donation via our website "Donate" button.
If you look at the church's website home page, notice the "Donate" button in the upper right corner. It is possible there to set up monthly donations to the church. Did you pledge $2,000? Set up a monthly donation of $166.66. I use PayPal for payments, but you can also use a credit card.
-- Lettie Bennett, Past Board Member and Stewardship Leader, Church in the Forest