Church Update from Board President

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Dear Church in the Forest Members: Several months ago I challenged our Board of Directors to determine its top priorities for the fiscal year. We discussed the pandemic’s impact was on our church, and its widespread afflictions in our community, including increasing homelessness from job losses and limited emergency funding.   We also discussed our collective desire to have a positive impact in our community that can be seen and appreciated. The Board agreed on three top priorities:

  • continuity of worship,
  • expansion of church membership and engagement through small groups,
  • and increase our church’s visibility in the community through Christian service.
  Since that meeting, many individuals have made progress in addressing each of these priorities:
  • Our staff has worked each week to provide rich, beautiful and meaningful online services (click to view), as well as the opportunity to join fellow CitF members each Sunday via Zoom on "The Deck." We’ve also introduced a new, in-person worship opportunity, the Christian Kaddish, for our mourning members.
  • "Soul Sisters South" is the latest addition to CitF's small groups.  You may not be aware that during 2020 we have sponsored nine small groups!  (click to read more) Thanks to these small groups, several individuals are joining the Church, and many attendees in our small groups, who are not currently CitF members, are participating and becoming part of our Church's "family."
  • Thanks in large part to the research and work of Carle Mowell, our Board has just embraced a needed and unique community service project -- Casa de Noche Buena, a transitional shelter for homeless women and their children. (click to read more)  Our financial and volunteer commitment to Casa will expand our Church's visibility beyond Forest Lake Road in an extremely positive way.
  God’s gentle hand is surely guiding us in this season of challenge and ministry.   Join your prayers, your thanks and your faith with ours, as we celebrate Thanksgiving! Lloyd Nattkemper, DDS Chairman, CitF Board of Directors