Sunday Services

The worship service is held each Sunday morning at 9:30 am with a pre-service concertina that begins at 9:15. Guest soloists and groups as well as our own magnificent music director present these concerts. Visiting groups such as Monterey String Quartet, Heart Strings, VOCI, Dixieland Jazz, Smiles, Wildcoast Brass, and Pacific Boychoir Academy may also take part in the service of worship. Various concerts are offered through the year including performances by the Carmel Bach Festival musicians. Worship services are designed to glorify God and encourage and enlighten the worshipping congregation. The sermons are delivered with thoughtfulness to the needs and issues of our day and our lives, globally and personally. The first Sunday of the month the congregation celebrates Holy Communion and the other Sundays are Morning Prayer. The Church in the Forest follows the Revised Common Lectionary and uses the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Common Worship for the service outline. The services usually are one hour and the congregation leaves feeling that they have met with each other and the Almighty has met with them.