We’re producing a sensational series of professional mini-concerts here, one a week, with guest artists twice a month or so from as far away as Miami, New York, Austin, and Boston. (Not to mention the Bay Area, in case you thought they were just escapees from the heat and humidity.) 

They include:

sopranos: Judith Dickison, Katherine Edison, Layne Littlepage, Karen Neal, Melina Pyron, Nancy Williams;  

mezzo-sopranos: Andrea Jordan, Carmen Martin;

tenors: David Gordon, Jos Milton, Scott Whitaker;

bass-baritones: Robert Armstead, Dashon Burton, Reg Huston, David Newman, Thomas Paul;

violinists: Jenny Bifano, David Dally, Edwin Huizinga;

cellists: William Skeen, Nancy Skye;  Jalisco harpist William Faulkner;

vocal ensembles: I Cantori di Carmel, Pacific Boychoir Academy, Choral Society of the Monterey Peninsula,  Smiles!,  RLS Chamber Singers

flutists: Julie McKenzie,  Kenny Stahl;

trumpets: Kevin Jordan, Brian Neal;  saxophonist Paul Contos;

instrumental ensembles: The Dixie Syncopators, Heartstrings (Celtic Band), The Lost Boys (Country Western Band), The Wildcoast Brass Quintet, and the Monterey String Quartet.


Here is where members (and friends) of the congregation can come for meditation and pleasure, except those unfortunates whose musical appreciation is trapped in the slime at the shallow end of the pool. (My editor says I have the tact of an avalanche.) Naturally they may come and ignore the music, but they may not hum. It has been called by David Gordon (an internationally known tenor, a National Treasure, and one of our musical guests),  “One of the best concert series on the Peninsula, because (1) they are very high quality, and (b) they’re short.” He forgot “free.” Never mind, it’s a beautiful preamble to the worship service, and usually there is a presentation at the same level during the offering and communion. The backbone of the programming is classical, but we are eclectic, omnivorous (except for rap), and once or twice a year a group of children engaged for their charm as well as natural ability will grace our chapel.