U. S. Open Sunday June 16

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The U. S. Open on June 16

We're preparing for Sunday, June 16, when our Forest will be buzzing with visitors, and roads will be challenging.  Do not be deterred from worship, but consider it God's own Open of Love and Welcome! Here are our plans and suggestions:

  • Everything will start one hour earlier at church.  Concertino at 8:45AM and Worship at 9AM.
  • Parking will be available, as usual, at the Tennis Court lot, from where you can walk to the chapel.
  • Parking will not be available in lots adjacent to church, however.  Please plan on using our Valet parking;  they will find a place for your car!
  • Please note that Forest Lake Road will be a one-way road, beginning at 5AM on June 16, flowing in the direction from Carmel Gate to the Pacific Grove Gate.  We suggest you leap over the question of "which way?" and come down Lisbon Lane, which dead-ends at the church.
  • June 16 is also Father's Day at our church, which we celebrate with cake and champagne; thanks to our Hospitality Team!
  • Plan on attending the Open after worship?  Please feel free to wear sports clothes this Sunday (or any, for that matter!)