Highest Thanks to our Hospitality Team

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Hospitality Team decor for Pentecost 2019

Our Hospitality Team provides decor, food and hosting for the events that make our church so friendly and beautiful.  Since March 5 they have worked with energy, imagination and faith to create these special moments:

  • Shrove Tuesday Party
  • Palm Sunday Decor
  • Easter Reception
  • Mother's Day Reception
  • Farewell to the van der Lindens Reception
  • Memorial Day decor and reception
  • Spring Brunch
  • Pentecost Decor
  • Father's Day Reception
Shall we give them a rest?  They wouldn't think of it!  They serve with selfless enthusiasm for their work and each other.  Let's just give them our thanks, including. . .Steve Bellevance, Gus Diaz, Mia McKee Jarick, Dave Jarick,  Jan Stine, Donna Tuma, Linda Mackie, Ruth Horn, Janet McDaniel, Glenda Tuttle and Diane Emerson.