What Does Church Look Like Now?

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We’re in a new phase of lock-down, and pondering the future of church, when quarantine seems the complete opposite of a vibrant, gathered community.  But our spiritual forebears faced similar confinements --in prison, as refugees or limited by poor health.  These restricted times can fortify our commitment to enlarge our spirit and soar. Let me suggest three things:

  1. Sustain your spirit by worship. Find our sermons at our website home page, where the banner ad clicks to the most current sermon.
  2. Keep connected through a small group. Sample the Book Club or a Bible Study or one of the “Sisters” groups. You might be inspired to join or start your own.  The pastors will assist you.
  3. Support good in the world. See our website suggestions for how to care for our community.  Being a good neighbor on your street is a wonderful place to start.  And please remember to support the church with your prayers and donations.