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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Dear Friends,

We have Bold DNA in Pebble Beach.  If you’ve  been reading The Carmel Pine Cone serialization of Samuel F. B. Morse’s memoirs,  our founder personifies “bold.”

Nothing Morse did was hesitant or small, from a youthful disaster developing water-starved Central Valley land, to his vision to keep Pebble Beach’s ocean vistas open for all to enjoy.

Morse tells the story of getting the National Championship of Golf to Pebble Beach in 1929.  The Eastern golf elite questioned whether any good  course could be built in California.  Those Californians didn’t have the right grass, no summer rain, and you couldn’t buy a drink in California unless you were an official member of a club (post-Prohibition laws).

Morse boldly talked the USGA into coming here, solving all those problems, including the last one.

We might be bold in business, travel and thinking.  Many of our church members were bold in moving to our area and starting afresh.

But are we bold in prayer?

There is a curious phrase we say before the Lord’s Prayer on Holy Communion Sunday: “We are bold to pray, our Father, who art in heaven. . .”   Jesus commands us to pray with boldness in the Lord’s Prayer.

Where is that command?  It’s contained in a curious grammatical twist in the Lord’s Prayer, undetectable to the English speaker.

If you’re bold in your life, but tepid in your prayers, join us this Sunday to get a jolt of Jesus’s boldness!

See you Sunday,