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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Dear Friends,

Ravens get a bad rap!  They’re loud,  aggressive and always poking around in other creatures’ business – sort of like us humans?  And, like humans, ravens are remarkably intelligent, perhaps a source of their trouble and cunning.

Recently scientists ran an experiment that demonstrates their intelligence.  Ravens were introduced to a screen-walled box of food, with only one small opening at the bottom where the food could possibly be pushed out.  To push that food out, the ravens would have to have a stick long enough to prod the food toward the opening.  Then the ravens were given several slender tubes, able to be telescoped together.  Would the ravens figure this out, and build a “tool” long enough?

Within seconds the Ravens built the tool and pushed the food out! (Click here to see this remarkable video!)

This Sunday, as we continue our sermon series, “Consider the Birds,” we learn about the faith of Ravens.  Jesus commends their faith – not their intelligence.  Do Faith and Intelligence have anything in common?

This Sunday we begin our own experiment, video-broadcasting our Sunday Worship Service!  We’ll send you more information about this exciting new option — our creative response to Monday’s state-ordered suspension of indoor worship.

Will we (and you) figure out how to work all the tools to make this experiment work?  Are we as smart as those Ravens?

See you Sunday, via video recording,