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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Dear Friends,

The U.S. Open taught me something you golfers probably well realize:  golfers compete against the course!    The challenging, wind-swept grounds of Pebble Beach were “the enemy” for all those golfers this past week – not each other.  I saw instances of warmth and humor between golfers as they tee’ed off together and congratulated each other at the final hole.

Many people are quick to demonize their human opponents and political adversaries.  But Golf has shown me the power collaborating with one’s opponents and focusing together on a larger “outside” enemy that is influencing the conflict.

That might even be the pragmatic power of names like, “Satan,” and “the devil.”  Evil is externalized to something we must face together, with God guiding and sustaining us against the Enemy.

This Sunday we’ll think about an external enemy we must encounter together – evil.  As we continue our Sermon Series on The Lord’s Prayer, we’ll focus on the seventh petition, “Deliver us from Evil.”

See you Sunday!