Sunday Services

Join us for worship each Sunday morning. We begin our morning with The Concertino at 9:45 am, a mini-concert featuring nationally and locally renowned artists including Carmel Bach Festival soloists, the Monterey String Quartet, Heart Strings, VOCI, Dixieland Jazz, Wild Coast Brass, and Pacific Boychoir Academy.  

At 10:00 worship formally begins, an experience of the beauty and illumination of God’s presence. Worship features Bible readings, preaching, hymns and prayer. Our preachers interpret the Bible in a spirit that is intellectually informed, personally relevant, and reverent toward God. Our traditional hymns are the most familiar tunes from the repertoire of the Protestant tradition, accompanied by majestic organ and the talents of our guest musicians.  

The service is easy to follow, with a detailed bulletin that takes you through every action, reading and hymn. No fumbling to find a page, a prayer book or hymnal! We have hearing assist devices and large-print bulletins to make participation possible for everyone. Additionally, complimentary valet parking eases arrival at the church door.

We are non-denominational church, but our worship draws on the Christian traditions of our members and clergy. You will find prayers and holy communion services from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, hymns from the Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian traditions, and sermons informed by broad scholarship and contemporary concerns.  

Worship concludes with a lively fellowship time on our outdoor deck with great coffee, treats and the pleasure of conversation with new and old friends.