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Workshops to Inspire Reflection and Facilitate Planning for End of Life

Church in the Forest, Pebble Beach, California

October 3, 2019

Advance Health Care Directives

photo of Joy Smith

Joy Smith, RN, MSN, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP)

It is very important that health care providers and family members know the health care needs and desires of patients. It is not only the aged, but any adult, who needs an advance health care directive. The health care directive is a form one fills out, discusses with one’s family, and provides to their health care providers. It is good practice to review the form annually. Register for a workshop at CHOMP Health Care Directives and learn more about the forms and check-in with a health care professional regarding your choices. See also Prepare for Your Care for videos and the down-loadable forms.  

Making the Most of our Personal and Practical Resources

photo of Shary Farr

Shary Farr, Founder and President, Partners for Transitions

“Planning enables you to create order, make personal transition choices and communicate with your family and loved ones, creating a sense of security and peace for you. Planning diminishes your fear and enhances your passion for living.” Shary Farr In her presentation Mrs. Farr discussed:
  • Getting organized: The All Together Notebook
  • Preparing and sharing our end of life wishes
  • Emotional aspects of preparing for transition
With humor, compassion, and warmth, Shary Farr relates stories to motivate us to organize our financial records, share our end of life wishes, and deal lovingly with our own emotions regarding death. She offers for sale her carefully curated and organized All Together Notebook. It is a place to record all the practical matters relating to death, e.g., financial records, health care directive, and funeral wishes. Mrs. Farr's website provides practical resources for caregivers and elders.

November 14, 2019

Spiritual Growth

photo of Denise Welsh

Denise Welsh, M. Div., MBA

“There comes a point when we are faced with the reality that we or a loved one isn’t going to regain health. So now, while we are able, we have an amazing opportunity to grow spiritually, to prepare for the coming days of declining health.” Denise Welsh

The Reverend Welsh is the former chaplain for Women and Children’s Services, Oncology, at Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York City. Her warm and approachable manner is reflected in the recording of the sermon she delivered the Sunday following her presentation. Points she made are:

  • Creating a healing experience
  • Living the losses: turning mourning into dance
  • Believing that we do not die alone

Listen to her November 17th, 2019 sermon.


Celebrating Life! Funerals and Memorial Services

photo of Rev Joanne M Swenson
photo of The Reverend Ken Feske

Joanne Swenson, Th.D. and Ken Feske, M. Div., Ministers, Church in the Forest, Pebble Beach, California

Funeral? Memorial service? Reverend Swenson reviewed the difference. She and Reverend Feske shared stories that underscore the importance of telling our families exactly what we want as a celebration of our lives. Examples of funeral programs encouraged attendees to consider what we want.

Reverend Swenson offered to meet individually with congregants to discuss funeral plans. She can be reached at 831-624-1374 or joanne@churchintheforest.org